Samsung Kies

Application to keep data on a Samsung phone synchronized with PCs


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  • Category Mobile
  • Program license Free
  • Version 3.2.16084.2
  • Size 37.14 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Samsung

For fast and easy transfer of files between your Samsung device and your computer, you need to download Samsung Kies. This officially licensed product gives you access to each and every file on your phone via your computer.

Though there are other programs that do similar things, this is the only one officially licensed by Samsung. You might think that you don't need a program or driver of this type because your computer lets you do the same thing automatically. While it's true that many computers feature a driver that will let you connect your phone to your computer, those drivers often limit what you can do and may not let you easily transfer some of the videos you shot or pictures you took to your phone. Not only will Samsung Kies let you do all this, but it also lets you do much more.

This simple program actually serves as a video and audio file manager. When you open the program, it shows you a simple window that has a taskbar across the top. Selecting from the various tools available will let you view your contacts, check your music, watch videos, view images and transfer data to your computer. You can also use the program to transfer content from your computer to your phone.

Samsung is a leader in the world of phablets, which are electronic devices that combine the features of a cell phone with a tablet. With all the storage space you have available, you might want to add more music to your phone. Any music you have on your computer can go right onto your phone in just a few seconds. You can also use the program to create backup files of your phone's content, which will come in handy if you break or lose your phone later.

When you have Microsoft Office on your computer, you can use Samsung Kies to coordinate the two devices. It will retain important dates and appointments from your schedule, your computer's contact list and even your bookmarks and transfer that content to your phone.

Though Samsung Kies is a useful little program, it won't work with all devices. You must have a phone with an Android operating system of 4.3 or higher. It's also a little buggy at times, but most Samsung owners like it.


  • Automatically informs you of necessary updates for your phone
  • Syncs data saved in Microsoft Office for use on your phone
  • Backs up some of your data for future use
  • Lets you easily and quickly transfer files from a Samsung phone or tablet to your computer
  • Is an officially licensed Samsung product


  • Does the same thing that some computers already do
  • Will not work with Samsung devices running an operating system below Android 4.3
  • Cannot back up copyrighted or protected files
  • Does not let you skip any required updates like your phone does
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